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Art - is about life... series

Following the instruction of his grandfather Zhiqi FU, LinMao started to learn calligraphy at the age of five as part of the rigid family education. He went through years of training in the most thorough and traditional methods in China, which gave him a solid foundation for indulging himself and expanding his imaginative horizons into the world of calligraphy in his later life.

Six years with Mr Naizhong LIU before university life brought his comprehension of and free expression by Chinese calligraphy into a new dimension. At the age of seventeen, he was admitted by the China National Association of Calligraphy, being the youngest member at the time.

LinMao did not limit his life to art and calligraphy. He graduated from Peking University, and had management degrees from Cass Business School as well as London Business School. According to LinMao, calligraphy is only one of the many languages that one can choose to express his understanding and appreciation of the world and life, and everything learned in life is correlated, at different time and in different ways in life. He lived, worked and traveled in different countries, particularly in Europe and Asia, which allowed him to experience life and understanding thereof across different cultures…

LinMao's cross-culture, cross-industry experience also endows him with the capability to appreciate different forms of art with his own comprehension and vision. He takes calligraphy as a means of communication that he can choose to express, experience, create, share and enjoy the meaning and understanding of life…