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Life Is What You Make It: Find Your Own Path to Fulfillment

-          Our values guide our choice; our choices define who we are.
-          How will we become worthy of the various gifts we have received?
-          Our ability to embrace diversity makes our own lives richer.
-          Grasping an opposing point of view was a way of sharpening the mind.
-          At the start of our lives, no one deserves anything.
-          Definition of Deserve “ To merit, be qualified for, or have a claim to … because of one’s acts or qualities.”
-          Self-knowledge and self-fulfillment
-          Chance favors the prepared mind.
-          A lazy piece of work would linger as a personal embarrassment.
-          Always behaving as if one’s work is all-important is more practical: It’s the best and maybe the only way to grow as a professional. Life is a school; every gig is an opportunity to learn.
-          To get the greatest benefit, the keenest edge
-          …is essentially a solitary activity. A tune or a rhythm or a pattern mysteriously forms in the composer’s mind.
-          Wishes steer us toward a certain longed-for destination.
-          The truest and most durable measures of success are the ones we choose and define for ourselves.
-          We are all fellow travelers in the search for meaning.
-          Warm and giving
-          I have proven what I needed to prove.
-          Commitment, boldness, and the determination to shape our own lives.
-          Gratitude to …, for his example of self-discipline, hard work, and tireless pursuit of a destiny chosen by himself.
-          Commitment moves the world. It both powers and heals us.
(CN – SH) 2011.8.9. HK International Airport